Choosing a Sydney Removals Company – Tips for First Timers

Written on 20/09/2013

You need a Sydney removals company. You know that their services will be of great help to you now that you need to move your heavy furniture to your new home or office. But the problem is, you don’t have any experience in hiring Sydney removalists. Fret not. Here are some tips for you if it’s your first time hiring a moving company in this city.

The Sydney removals company must be local. Ever heard of the term, “deal locally”? It’s what some government agencies use to remind people to be vigilant against fraud. You’ll be safer if you hire a company that has a physical address. If you have the time, drop by their office and you’ll get a better idea if they are indeed the company you need.

The company must answer your questions. That means they must be able to answer your phone calls and your email enquiries. Prompt response means they focus on customer service and satisfaction. Just remember that you should call them within office hours. It will also help if they have a 1300 or 1800 number. That means they invested in their customer service department.

They must have a website. A website is any company’s “online face”. Without it, the chances of the company being a fraud rise. So, before you trust any “bandit sign” posted on the street posts, be sure to check online if they have a website. Make sure the site contains information about the company. Sydney removalists are also likely to provide their contact information on the website of they are legitimate.

Legitimate removals in Sydney provide proof of bonding and proper insurance coverage. So, if the company you are in talks with says that it does not guarantee its service, be on the defensive. Research more about it online. On the other hand, if the company is proud of its services, including its insurance coverage, you will be more at peace. You know that your furniture is secure because they will do everything to ensure that it reaches your new home or office in one piece.

Make sure too that they are conscious of their brand. That means you’ll find their logo and company name all over their contracts, vehicles, and even in their uniforms. This means that the Sydney removals company is exerting effort to promote their brand. They will thus do everything to protect the brand. What better way to do it than provide quality service?

So you’re moving? And it’s your first time hiring Sydney removalists? Be sure to remember these tips and you’ll be fine.

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