Sydney City Removalists, Offering Premium Service

Written on 27/09/2013

Moving is probably one of the tiring things you do, not to mention exhausting packing all your stuff in a hauling truck and unpacking it to a new location. Hauling all your belongings from one location to another is no easy feat. Some people often do it themselves and end up regretting it. Moving is not effortless, if you are moving from one home to another and you have children you really do not want to be driving a moving truck with screaming kids asking for food or asking if you are already there yet. If you are moving alone you could drop your boxes, worst case you could injure yourself. So why not hire reliable, professional and affordable furniture removals? They could do all the heavy moving stuff for you and make moving easier.

This is where Sydney removalists comes in they provide a full removalist service to cater to all your moving needs. Other than the usual prepacking and packing services they also provide rubbish removal and cleaning services, this is an excellent addition to the hauling services that they offer. They are available for local removals and interstate as well. Their premium concierge service (optional) ensures a stress free moving day for you.

What is included in the premium concierge service? Imagine having someone do all the prepacking, labeling and they also provide an archive service ensuring that no item will be lost or out of place. You will never have to worry about your furniture getting damage throughout the move since part of the Removals in Sydney Concierge Service is complete furniture protection. You will never have to worry about your precious belongings getting scratch or worst broken. Another feature is they do the changeover of utilities for you, now wouldn’t that be lovely? You do not have to worry about the arduous task of making arrangements with the utilities company. This means they do the all the task of informing utilities about disconnecting and connecting to the new location. What makes the whole move efficient and stress free? They provide a project manager to manage every part of your move! They will assign a team of expert removalist to take care of your every moving need. All you need is to relax and watch the professionals do their job. They would even act as a go-between with your building manager or agent. Now isn’t that perfect?Know more what Sydney City Removalists can do for you, You may contact SCR on 1300 920 570.