Tips to Avoid Overspending When Hiring Sydney Removalists

Written on 10/10/2013

Hiring Sydney removalists may start with an idea that you’ll be able to relocate cheaply. By the end of the day, you realise that you’ve spent more than what you intended to. How did this happen? It’s probably because you paid fees you didn’t know existed and bought products you weren’t supposed to. In any case, here are some tips so you can avoid overspending when hiring professional movers in this bustling Australian city.

Ask about their policies on packaging materials. Not many people know it but there are a lot of Eastern Suburb removals companies, as well as those in other Sydney areas, who offer packaging services. There are even those who offer use of an unlimited number of boxes for packing your items. So before you buy your own boxes and other packaging material, be sure to ask the furniture movers first. You can avoid spending for these materials in case the company lends these items free of charge.

Be sure to inquire about back to base fee. This is a type of fee that is imposed by Sydney removalists on clients whose address is far from the transport vehicle’s point of origin. For example, if the truck is coming from downtown Sydney and you’re relocating to another city, it’s likely that you’ll pay for back to base. At any rate, be sure to ask if your relocation merits this payment. If so, then ask for an estimate and include the estimate in your budgeting.

Ask before you pay for extra furniture dismantlers. You might be surprised to hear that Eastern Suburb removals and other movers actually can disassemble furniture. So instead of hiring other people to dismantle your bulky furniture that you suspect won’t fit into the transport vehicle, be sure to ask the movers first. You save yourself from having to pay for extra labourers. However, do keep in mind that these movers will not dismantle fixtures. They can only deal with furniture.

Plan ahead. How does having a plan help you avoid overspending when relocating? Planning makes the process move faster. The sooner the relocation is completed, the smaller your expenses will be. This is true especially when you’re paying flat rates for Sydney removalists. If you have existing plans on where the furniture will be unloaded, you avoid deliberating while moving. That means the movers take less time completing their job for the day.

Follow these simple tips and you can avoid overspending when hiring furniture movers.If you have questions in your mind you can contact SCR at 1300 920 570.