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Q: How long will it take to move my stuff?
A: It takes a good half day or full day to move any household. Once we’ve visited your property and assessed the property’s access, amount of contents, type of contents, settlement issues and other factors, we’ll give you a pretty close estimate.

Q: What happens if you break my stuff?
A: We move thousands of customers each year and rarely get complaints around breakage or loss. We are insured for public liability insurance. However, we recommend that you take extra precautions with valuable or delicate items, or purchase additional insurance. Ask us about reputable insurance brokers.

Q: Can I ride in your truck on the way to my new house?
A: With two or more moving consultants booked for most jobs, there’s rarely room in the driver’s cab for another passenger. We’re also not insured for you in the unlikely event that something happens on the road. Plus, moving is a sweaty job, so you’ll have a fresher journey by getting a ride with a friend!

Q: Who is the man on the side of your trucks?
A: He’s one of our senior consultants. All the others are just as pleasant and helpful!

Q: Are your removalists experienced?
A: Yes; you won’t find any fly-by-night hands or random backpackers in our crew. All our senior removalists have at least 10 years’ experience each, and at least one senior staffer is allocated for every move.

Q: I received a quote from you two weeks ago, but by the time I booked the price had gone up. Why is that?
A: Our discounted rates are based on availability, so if you don’t lock the discount in by the date specified, it goes to someone else.

Q: Can you do a better deal than competitor X, Y or Z?
A: We don’t price-match, because our service includes so many features that the low-budget movers can’t match. That includes our experienced, reliable uniformed crew; our zero back-to-base charges; the way we protect furniture with removalists’ felt blankets and not acres of pricy bubble-wrap; and much more. Call us if you have any questions.

Q: Can’t you deliver my packing boxes for free?
A: Even if we’re offering a special for free boxes, delivering does cost labour and fuel. Our $75 fee is hard to beat by industry standards.

Q: How can I save even more money?
A: Simply put, the early bird gets the best deal. You can save money by booking ahead to receive one of our midweek or Sunday specials, making a floor plan of your new home showing what goes where, and taking other steps. See our pre-move checklist for more ideas.

Q: Can I pack my own boxes?
A: Yes you can. Keep in mind that, if you pack your own boxes, you need to take special care to protect fragile items, and ensure all boxes have a flat top so they can be stacked easier. See our video about how to pack.

Q: Do my appliances need special attention?
A: Yes. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding precautions when moving white goods. For example, your front loader might require transit rods, so please ensure you have these or contact the manufacturer.

Q: How do I pack my liquids?
A: Liquids are particularly susceptible to leaking, so we always recommend sealing them in a bag before packing into a box. Alternatively, pack them into a watertight plastic storage box.

Q: Do I need to empty my wardrobes and cupboards?
A: We can supply Port-a-Robes (portable wardrobes) for you at a small cost, but we recommend that you empty all drawers and pack any loose items into boxes.

Q: Is it best to go by the hour or a get a fixed price quote?
A: If you are a hands-on person who will be helping with the move, or if your home has fewer than three bedrooms, the hourly rate will deliver you the best value. However, if you have special circumstances, require packing assistance or have a large home, it is worth getting one of our estimators to offer you a fixed price quote. You can always decide later to opt for the hourly rate.

Q: Do you dismantle our beds?
A: Yes, our team can assist with basic dismantling and reassembly of beds, provided there are no special tools required. Most bed-structures are straightforward, but some specialist designer beds may require special attention. If you need us to dismantle your beds, please mention this when booking the move to ensure we have the right tools on the day.

Q: Why do we not guarantee a start time?
A: We do guarantee morning time slots, when we will arrive between 7–8am, depending on how far you live from the CBD. However, moving is full of variable factors and Sydney’s chaotic roads add to the uncertainty, so our afternoon starts can be anywhere between 11am and 2pm.

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