Are you renovating, travelling or just need to park your stuff somewhere safe and dry?

Sydney’s cheapest contents storage

Skip the hassle of renting a truck or borrowing mouldy shelf-space – our removalists here in Sydney will collect and store your items at our full-security, hygienic and modern storage facility, operated by subsidiary firm, Red Box Storage. You can store your surplus household items for a night, week, month or longer, and we deliver everything back when you need it.

Store your car, campervan, boat or trailer securely at Sydney Vehicle Storage, also one of our subsidiaries.

Secure storage in 3 easy steps

Here’s how contents storage works:

Costs start from just $145 per month / No lead time is too short.

Call us for same-day service when you’re stuck for space.

Storage cost

Get more out of your storage arrangement – we’ll pack the module for you. The cost for each of your SCR Red Box storage modules includes:

  • Discounted moving in now $110 per hour for 2 removalists (SAVE 40%!!!!) by relocations consultants prepared for heavy lifting and great at maximising tight spaces
  • 14 removalists blankets to protect your furniture
  • Free mattress wrapping
  • NO bond for storage module
  • Cost of loading and unloading modules is at a discounted rate of $110 per hour for 2 men (40% off normal rates)


First month fee per module Ongoing monthly fee Ongoing daily fee 6-month special 12-month special
NOW FREE if you pay 6 months in advance $145 $4.25 $870 $725
Receive one BONUS free month of storage!
$1740 $1595
Receive one BONUS free month of storage!


How many modules do I need?

Not sure how many storage units you’ll need? See our guideline below*.

Modules Ideal for
1 – 2 1-bedroom home or micro office
2 – 3 2-bedroom home or small office
3 – 5 3-bedroom home or medium office
4 – 8 4-bedroom home or larger office

*Note that the above is a guide only and individual circumstances may vary. Call us for daily rates or for a tailored quote – no hidden extras.

Our boxes carry 9 cubic meters internally, so when comparing with other box storage companies, you MUST clarify the exact volume of your boxes with the company before booking.

Ie if our boxes are 9 cubic meters and a competitors are 7 cubic meters, they would have to be really really cheap to remain competitive.

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